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Water Rescue

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A fun experience where teamwork will be the key

An activity full of creativity, fun and competitiveness that aims to test the construction skills of the participants by creating a raft as a team that can move them in the sea.


  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Fun
  • Activate relationships
  • Integration
  • Competitiveness


  • Teambuilding
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Activity time: 150' (Briefing, game and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

An experience where creativity is essential when building your boats

Have fun as a team building and customizing the best ship

An activity to be carried out in teams and demonstrate which is the fastest boat and with the most resistant chassis

An activity that will not leave anyone indifferent and will help motivate the group

Build the strongest raft and sail with your team without sinking into the sea

Water Rescue is a competitive, energetic and very fun activity in which participants must build resistant rafts that float in the sea.

Before starting the construction of the rafts, the teams will have to pass different tests to get all the material they need in the construction. The more material they have, the stronger their rafts will be.

The group is divided into teams and, once the materials are obtained, they have a limited time to build their rafts and put them to the test in the sea. The teams must navigate their rafts on the beach without them sinking!

More information about the experience

A facilitator welcomes the group and explains what the activity will consist of. The group is divided into teams (randomly or previously established). The activity is divided into 3 parts: first the teams must overcome different challenges to get all the material they need to build their rafts. Afterwards, the teams proceed to assemble the raft with all the material, which must be resistant and must float. Finally, the teams will put their rafts to the test in the water, showing that they do not sink and that they have done a good job as a team.

All the material that is needed both for the challenges of the first part of the activity and for the construction of the rafts is provided by us.

The activity itself cannot be personalized, but the teams can be customized with scarves, swimsuits or corporate shirts with which they identify themselves as a team.


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