Gamification Meetings & Events

As a dynamic complement to events and meetings, we develop face-to-face, hybrid or virtual gamification dynamics that help increase engagement, promote interactivity, increase the fun spirit and the competitive feeling of the attendees. Employees feel connected and improve retention of key messages within a framework of motivation and teamwork.

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As a complement to meetings and events, colleagues feel connected, united, retain hard-to-digest information, stay motivated, positive, and improve their teamwork. Cluehub features help increase engagement, promote interactivity, and increase the fun spirit and healthy competition.

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Online / Offline / Hybrid

We provide the differential value


We create any gamified interactive dynamic aimed at stimulating events, meetings, conventions, workshops, conferences or workshops to enhance teamwork, learning, networking, motivation or celebration. We combine technologies with content and messages tailored to the client.


Activities and mini games guided by a facilitator or presenter with the support of our technical team. From mini escape games, quizzes, contests to dynamics related to CSR, Sustainability or Music. We travel anywhere in Spain or abroad.

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Conventions / Meetings / Team Building | Icebreaker| Incentives / Training / Celebrations


Personalization of content tailored to each project. Multiple format.


Training / Networking / Teamwork / Motivation / Communication / Fun


Indoor / Outdoor / Face-to-face / Virtual / Hybrid

Number of participants

10 – 500 pax

Included in the activity

Instructors and tablets. Materials and documents (optional)

Game time

30’, 60’ 90’ 120’


ES / EN / FR


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