Conventions and Congresses

If you are looking for something different, we would love to accompany you to daydream.We help you surprise, excite, unite and retain your audience. Whether they are employees, clients or collaborators. We are experts in creating high-impact events based on Experience, Creativity and Innovation.With more than 20 years of experience behind us and more than 500 implemented projects, we know and master all those elements that make up and determine the success of the content of an event. Conceptualization, design, planning and production.Cold head and warm heart. Modesty aside – we know what works and what doesn't. We develop the event from start to finish, giving top priority to content, creativity and focus on detail. We are, but most importantly, we are passionate about our work.

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Kick Offs

For both a department and an entire company, kick offs are decisive moments for communicate and transmit enthusiasm, commitment and ambition. Compartir nuevos planes y proyectos que vendrán y metas que alcanzar. Para conseguirlo ayudamos a los clientes a crear experiencias de alto impacto centradas en la cohesión, motivación y conexión de los asistentes. Trabajamos siempre bajo la premisa de la escucha activa de las necesidades del cliente, del análisis de la situación o clima (sea cual sea) , para proponer soluciones de contenido creativo y efectivo que sabemos que funcionan. Todo aquello que va a suceder para conseguir el ansiado engagement del equipo. Efectos wow, speakers, facilitadores, actividades innovadoras o dinámicas memorables. La innovación constante está en nuestro ADN. La creatividad es nuestro foco para avanzar.Here we go…. with an experience of 20 years...  ¿to you?¿? :-)

Celebrations and dinners

Celebrate achievements, thank you for loyalty, improve relationships, encourage employees or clients. An act of pure live communication as strategic for the company as corporate celebrations and dinners must be approached as an authentic work of experiential art. There is a lot at stake. The story, the storytelling, the experiences, performances, presentations, the flow, everything communicates... everything is important.The theme, the place (conventional, disruptive, alternative), everything is important. If you can dream it, we will help you achieve it or at least try, always with your feet on the ground. The budget matters, but creativity and ingenuity, more. Sometimes expensive is the enemy of good. We work with S, M, L and XL projects with the same passion and demand. With all these years of events behind us, we have managed to understand some of the mechanisms that move, excite and impact people. And celebrations or dinners are a great showcase for observing human behavior.

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Product presentations

Presenting and giving life to a new product or service is one of the most complex live communication exercises, ... despite those who say that everything is invented.The challenge of creating a surprising experiential marketing action to present or launch a product in an in-person event is one of the most virtuous tasks that require innovative and executive excellence.The creative concept that determines and conditions all the elements of the experience (story, theme, place, content,...) is where we can contribute the greatest added value.

Meetings and workshops

We are experts in design, architecture and new meeting and workshop formats.We collaborate with facilitators to create new communication dynamics that promote dynamic and group learning with new methodologies that promote participation.It is not enough to rent a room and audiovisual equipment as well as project a power point. It is important to use techniques such as Meeting Design to achieve the objectives of captivating the audience, making them participate, enhancing shared knowledge, maintaining prolonged attention and facilitating the transmission and retention of key messages or information.

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Gamification Meetings & Events

Como complemento dinamizador en eventos y reuniones desarrollamos dinámicas de gamificación presenciales, híbridas o virtuales que ayudan a aumentar el compromiso, promover la interactividad, aumentar el espíritu divertido y el sentimiento competitivo de los asistentes. Los empleados se sienten conectados y mejoran la retención de los mensajes clave en un marco de motivación y trabajo en equipo.

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As a complement to meetings and events, colleagues feel connected, united, retain difficult to digest information, stay motivated, positive and improve their teamwork. Cluehub's features help increase engagement, promote interactivity, and increase the spirit of fun and healthy competition.

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