We are a dynamic team that combines experience and youth who are passionate about people and new challenges in creating experiences that achieve a positive impact.
Motivation, learning, connection, transformation or loyalty are some of the objectives of our experiences, always putting the employee at the center.

We are curious, restless and playful by nature. We started our professional life organizing urban gymkhanas (...and which we still love to organize) and we have evolved to develop dynamics to improve employee onboarding, create escape rooms with augmented reality to form teams on Cybersecurity, create an interactive board game to make corporate values live or develop a CSR team building with recycled materials to raise awareness about sustainability.
We generate value in meetings, events, workshops, team buildings or any corporate event connecting people and teams.
We combine analogue and digital with tailored narrative content, both in face-to-face, virtual and hybrid formats.

If you are a professional from an agency or a corporate client of the HR, Training, Internal Communication, Culture and Talent Department, we can surely help you with any of your challenges.
You dare ? :-)

El equipo de Le Monnier realizando una dinámica de grupo en Barcelona

Resources & Partners

We have internal and external multidisciplinary resources to offer 360º solutions that integrate design, storytelling, production, technology, content, training and gamification.

  • Technology: platforms, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, streaming
  • Contents: multimedia, narrative, design
  • Training: Training programs, consultants, trainers, facilitators
  • Gamification: Methodologies and mechanics

Tailor-made experiences


We evaluate your needs and objectives. We create the initial idea for the activity, dynamic or game.


Based on the idea, we create a detailed concept for your experience. Narrative and format.


We incorporate your branding, content, duration and analytics.


After validating the concept and customization, we create the prototype, pilot or simulation of the dynamics, game or activity to test and validate.


Based on the feedback obtained, we make the appropriate adjustments, we finalize the design and development of the game or personalized dynamics and... everything is ready to participate or play!


Leave us your query and we will contact you