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Forest Clean Race

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Good guidance, teamwork, and environmental protection

An orientation experience in the forest involving finding various points marked on a map using only a compass, as well as collecting litter to protect the environment.


  • Increase engagement
  • Improves productivity and teamwork
  • Strengthen bonds between employees
  • Help in talent retention
  • Well-being and solidarity


  • Teambuilding / CSR
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 120' (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

Reinforce teamwork with an activity focused on orientation and environmental improvement

Show your empathy and sensitivity to the environmental issues affecting our natural surroundings

Enjoy as a team finding hidden points using only a compass, along with collecting litter from the area

An activity that will leave no one indifferent and will help motivate the group

Environmental actions that help nature and our teamwork

In the Forest Clean Race, you will only need a compass, a map, marked points around the playing area, a biodegradable waste bag, a great team, and a lot of enthusiasm!

It’s a sustainable experience where orientation and teamwork will be key to finding all the hidden points using just a compass. But you’ll also have biodegradable bags to collect waste and help keep the Natural Park (Collcerola, Montseny, or others) where the activity takes place clean.

It’s a collaborative competition that doesn’t require running and takes into account orientation skills in the forest and the amount of waste collected.

An ideal activity to work on communication, teamwork, motivation, and fun together.

More information about the experience

A facilitator welcomes the group and explains the activity.

Then, the group is divided into smaller teams.

Each team is given a map of the playing area and a compass. On the map, they’ll find about 20 marked points they must locate within a limited time.

At each of these 20 points, teams must answer questions and overcome special challenges requiring wit and skill, earning points along the way. In addition to orientation skills and teamwork to find the markers, it’s also important to collect waste using the biodegradable bags provided to participants.

At the end of the experience, the winning team is announced based on the highest points earned from found markers, completed missions, and volume of waste collected.

All the necessary materials to carry out each of the different actions are available to the group. These activities take place outdoors in specific locations.

Racó de Collcerola Clearing (Vallvidrera) – Access 250 meters from the Vallvidrera FGC train station stop.


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