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An experience of cohesion, collaborative work, good vibes and adrenaline

It is the ideal activity for those teams that need to release adrenaline and enter a competitive mode, while working in teams, collaboratively, cohesion, company values, purpose, focus on results, commitment. An activity adaptable to what the Client needs to transmit.


  • Promote team cohesion
  • Work the values of the company
  • Promote collective learning
  • Disconnect from day to day
  • Greater involvement and commitment
  • Improve communication


  • Teambuilding
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Activity time: 180' (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

Reinforce teamwork with an activity based on passing tests collectively

It offers a space for total disconnection with your day to day

They face tests that have to do directly with the "pain" of the team and they work on it unconsciously

Improve communication between peers through a dynamic activity

Disconnection, adrenaline, competition, laughter, collaboration, cohesion, time management, focus on results... what else?

We live in a BANI work environment (fragile, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible) and this often puts our talent in check.

With “Survival” we offer teams a space for fun and total disconnection in which they work, unconsciously, on what strengthens them as a team and helps them face this new professional reality.

From throwing an ax or vortex, going through lowering materials from the treetops, looking for drinking water, lighting a fire, displacing ½ ton of wood, building a space to take shelter, unique collaborative dynamics! A “Survival” does not disappoint.

More information about the experience

We will divide all employees into teams. Each team will be provided with an Orientation Map, a paper filter and a drum.
Each team will need to complete a series of workstations.
Each team will start at a different station and follow the order established on their map. At each station they must complete a test that allows them to access certain material, either as a direct reward for the test, or as a reward for the best or worst execution of the test. The team must accumulate all the rewards to be able to execute the final test.
With all these elements, the team must build their own survival ecosystem with which they should be able to live, in isolation and autonomously.

Water bottle, mountain shoes, appropriate clothing depending on the season, small backpack.

The entire Survival dynamic is reinforced by a storytelling in which we work to link the story of the dynamic itself with the purpose, values or mission of the company. From the invitation letter, the speech in the briefing and the awards ceremony for the most complete Ecosystem. All of them are elements that make the team reach the top, eager, motivated and crazy to win.


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