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Bellesguard & Trencadís Experience

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Guided tour and “trencadís”: the perfect Gaudí experience

This activity consists of a guided tour of Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard, one of his most characteristic and personal works; combined with a “trencadís” workshop to put into practice the technique most used by this artist.


  • Encourages artistic skills
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Culture
  • Creativity
  • Active relationships
  • Integration


  • Teambuilding / Gamification
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 3 hours (guided tour and “trencadís” workshop)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

Get to know one of the emblematic works of the city by walking through its interior and its gardens.

Activity that serves to unite the work team, strengthens the group union.

Share and discover your most artistic side with your colleagues.

An activity that will not leave anyone indifferent and will help motivate the group.

A different and unique Gaudí experience

It’s a whole cultural experience divided into two different activities. First, the group will go on an exclusive guided tour of Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard, learning about its history while strolling through its interior and exterior, full of vegetation and nature.

At the end of the visit, the group will hold a “trencadís” workshop, the famous technique used by Gaudí that consists of creating a mosaic from ceramic fragments.

A whole cultural experience to see first-hand the architectural style of Gaudí and admire its beauty.

More information about the experience

The two-part coastal experience: first, the group takes a guided tour of about 90′ in groups of 20 people through Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard, where they are told about the artist and the history of the place, its architectural style and enjoy both interior and exterior views. At the end of the visit, the group carries out a “trencadís” workshop in teams that lasts approximately 1h 30′. A collaborative and artistic activity.

All the necessary materials for the “trencadís” workshop are provided by us, from the ceramic pieces and the utensils to be able to “break” them, to pencils, rubber bands, measurers, and everything necessary for the creation of the different artistic works of the teams.

In the “trencadís” workshop we can customize the experience by making the works to be created directly related to the company, forming the corporate logo, a message, embodying the values, etc.


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