CLIENT: Nespresso EXPERIENCE: Nespresso Challenge

Gamification - Values Game

Briefing and Objectives

On the occasion of a meeting to communicate to an internal team some key messages from an important area of the company, they wanted to develop an activity that would promote and implement them in an experiential, educational and enjoyable way. The activity that took place in Sitges had to be tailored based on the new messages as well as allowing the participants to interact and encourage networking among themselves.

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We create a fully customized interactive game adapted to Nespresso's requirements. This was carried out by dividing the group into teams of 8 pax helped by an iPad with the game content, where they completed all kinds of challenges and missions through the old town of Sitges.
The activity was monitored in real time and made it possible to measure the degree of knowledge and successes of each team throughout the 2 hours that the experience lasted. A new way of learning and sharing while playing!


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