CLIENT: ISDIN - Pharmaceutical laboratory EXPERIENCE: Green Challenge

Teambuilding - RSC

Briefing and Objectives

On the occasion of the cycle meeting of the pharmaceutical company ISDIN, they wanted to carry out a Team Building dynamic to unite, motivate and enhance teamwork while raising awareness among the 300 attendees with a sustainable and supportive theme related to the values of Isdin, and supporting some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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To do this, we developed a 2-hour Corporate Social Responsibility activity at the facilities of a large hotel near Barcelona, where we divided the 300 employees into 30 tables. The objective was to build different objects with recycled material from ISDIN, as well as from the Areté Foundation (a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the labor and social insertion of people with mental illnesses). The objects that the participants had to build ranged from nest boxes and insect hotels to place in forests or gardens, as well as board games such as dominoes, checkers or photo frames using natural or recycled materials.

The degree of participation was optimal and a high level of participation and commitment was achieved by the attendees working as a team creating different objects. Likewise, it was possible to promote awareness for supporting sustainable and solidarity values.


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