Case of success

CLIENT: IAG  Airlines Group (Iberia, Vueling, British Airways...) EXPERIENCE: Barcelona Tech Rally

Teambuilding - Tech Rally

Briefing and Objectives

In 2022 IAG chose Barcelona for its annual meeting of more than 200 group managers. One of the objectives was to develop a connection and motivation activity that also allowed Barcelona to be explored in a different and participatory way.
They had 3 hours for it and some of the missions and tests had to be personalized with key messages that the company wanted to reinforce. We got to work and over 2 months we were able to create a fully custom game with a good balance of cultural exploration, learning, teamwork and fun. and bring out your most competitive and creative side.

iPads moove app nologo uai


To achieve this, we designed an interactive team building guided by iPads where we divided the group into teams of 8-10 people. These were transferred to different parts of the city from where they began the experience. During it, different iconic locations were explored in the old part.

Different custom mini games were created such as digital puzzles or memory challenges, as well as video, audio, and photographic missions. The participants had to demonstrate their skills of ingenuity, creativity and knowledge to pass the many tests.

The result was a memorable experience that they were able to share and remember that same night during the Gala dinner.


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