Experiential Marketing

We offer a scalable solution to help achieve marketing and branding goals, as users engage up to 10 times more and feel more connected to brands.

Thanks to the expansion possibilities of our digital games, companies can carry out lead generation campaigns, increase ROI and engagement under a fun and innovative approach.

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Escapping: Brand Experience App

We have a geolocatable app to create gamified experiences in an outdoor escape room format exploring any city. One of its main applications is to use it as a marketing tool to create experiential branding actions through massive Street marketing events, competitions and happenings aimed at the target.

The objective is to offer a fun, participative, digital and viral brand experience exploring a city for 2 or 3 hours, linked to the products or services of the brand that promotes the event.

Escapping: Brand Experience App

The storytelling, narrative and content of our app are completely customizable and adaptable to the client's products or services. From photographic missions, questions, brain teasers, multimedia (videos, images and audio) customizable mini digital games (puzzles, memory, hangman, find the couple, etc...).

An interactive experience with high engagement and fun.

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Missions and challenges

Throughout the game the teams will solve different challenges with which they will accumulate points. The challenges can be puzzles, memory games, linking concepts, photographic missions, trivia and questions with audio or video... Endless possibilities to generate engagement.

Marketing actions

> Brand Experience
> Street Marketing
> Escape Game Outdoor
> UI Customization

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