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A spy and mind control experience

This is an activity where we will test the ingenuity and analytical capacity of the participants in a spy adventure where they must neutralize the attack of an evil criminal organization.


  • Activate relationships
  • Strengthens analytical capacity
  • Improve communication
  • Unite the team
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Problem resolution


  • Teambuilding / Gamification
  • Format: online
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 45' - 60' (Briefing, game and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Customization: Possible with extra charge

Test the leadership in your team through the different missions and challenges.

Try to solve all the challenges before the game time ends.

Teamwork is essential to be able to solve the challenges geolocated on the map.

Work on communication with your team through an immersive online game.

A detective activity to entertain and motivate the whole team

One of the largest intelligence centers in the world (WISE) has made an appeal to recruit the best teams of agents willing to neutralize a dangerous biotechnological plot that threatens the security of the population. Your objective: decipher the keys and obtain the secret documents to abort the threat.

You only need to connect from your usual videoconference platform and create teams of 5-8 people, where a captain will share the open game in his browser.

The teams will have 10-12 sequential missions with different levels of difficulty where collaboration and teamwork will be decisive. And they will only have 60 minutes to save humanity.

More information about the experience

A presenter / facilitator explains the briefing to all participants and communicates the instructions. Participants are then divided into teams of 5-8 people and play in separate team rooms or breakout rooms. In each team there is a captain / representative who has received the game link and must share it with his team through his videoconference screen. From here the teams play autonomously for X time, overcoming the maximum number of missions and challenges. Our team monitors the activity in real time and, upon completion, the results are displayed and the winning team is mentioned.

The game is designed with a very attractive technological interface with different buttons and functionalities. It has different types of tests and multimedia content.

We can add the client’s logo in the webapp interface. We can also adapt and customize some of the challenges with key corporate information and messages. (With extra cost).


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