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A CSR game with which you can "save the planet" while you learn

A collaborative game in which participants contribute to protecting the planet by raising environmental awareness by completing a series of team missions.


  • Teamwork
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Unite the team
  • Active learning
  • Engagement
  • Encourages communication


  • Teambuilding / CSR
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 2 – 2,000+
  • Playing time: 40' - 60' (Briefing, game and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Customization: Possible with extra charge

Take environmental awareness through a playful team game.

The different challenges of the game test the creativity of the participants.

Learn about CSR with a team game dynamic.

Work on communication with your team through a fun and creative game.

Raise awareness about the planet with an interactive game

Save the planet consists of a game guided by an iPad with which participants are challenged to overcome a series of tests and questions related to the environment, mixing the digital component with analogical elements through recycling crafts.

All the contents of the game are related to the environment, sustainability, renewable energy and nature.

The participants are brought together to explain the briefing and the group is divided into teams of 5-10 people, seated at cabaret-style tables. Each team is given an iPad with the game and material to do a craft.

More information about the experience

A presenter / facilitator explains the briefing to all participants and communicates the instructions. Next, the participants are divided into teams of 5-10 people and we give each team an iPad with the game on it. From here the teams play autonomously for X time, surpassing the maximum number of missions and carrying out the different tests. Our team monitors the activity in real time and, upon completion, the results are displayed and the winning team is mentioned.

The interface and usability of the game is simple so that all participants can focus on enjoying the experience. The contents are clear and intuitive, the digital game dynamics are very visual and attractive to the player. The missions are relaxed, active and encourage creativity and the development of different skills.

We can add the customer’s logo and corporate color. On some main screens we can follow a corporate look & feel that is in line with the event or project. Some of the tests can be customized with content and messages from the client. (Low extra cost).


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