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An artistic activity full of creativity and fun

A real challenge in which participants will become actors for a few hours, starring in a scene from a well-known movie or an advertising spot.


  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Fun
  • Activate relationships
  • Integration
  • Competitiveness


  • Teambuilding
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 2h - 3h (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

An experience where creativity is essential to be able to shoot the scene

Have fun as a team creating scenes where each participant will have a different role

An activity to do in teams and show which team is the best

An activity that will not leave anyone indifferent and will help motivate the group

You are going to become actors/actresses for a few hours and shoot a scene for a movie, a series, a short, a video clip, an advertisement...

We have all gone to the cinema to watch a movie or watched it sitting on our sofa at home, and we no longer talk about the number of advertisements we view from the screen of our devices. But how many of us have had the experience of shooting a movie or an advertising spot?

Home cinema offers you the opportunity to become actors/actresses together with your companions for a few hours and shoot the scene of a movie, a series, a short, a video clip, an advertisement…

In this activity the participants will be the true protagonists, they will only have to grab the camera and record!

More information about the experience

A team of actors and directors present the activity to the group. Then, the group is divided into teams and each team will be led by an actor/director.
Each team is given a document containing the type of scene to be recorded and the dialogue, the estimated duration of the scene (no longer than 2′) and camera technical advice. The team is divided between actors, cameraman and camera assistant. Some will be extras and others will be the protagonists who must memorize the dialogue.
Once the dialogue has been memorized and the filming has been technically reviewed, the team will have 15 minutes to shoot the scene.
Finally, optionally, you can enjoy watching the videos through a gala.

We provide all the material needed to carry out the activity.

This activity activates motivation and creativity, leaving, after the tension overcome as a group, a feeling of triumph and optimism whose effect can last for months within the teams and the company.


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