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Live a tribal experience with your team

An activity capable of energizing the entire work team through movements and tribal gestures following a constant rhythm all together.


  • Improve communication
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Feeling of belonging to the company
  • Reliability
  • Activate relationships
  • Attitude value


  • Teambuilding
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 90' (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

For a team to achieve extraordinary results, all its components must give 100%

In a high-performance team there is such a feeling of trust that there is no room for judgment or criticism

Make your employees de-stress through tribal movements, increasing their energy

An activity that will not leave anyone indifferent and will help motivate the group

We organize your Haka for companies

Passion, strength, collective identity. Discover in an experiential way what has made the All Blacks the best professional team in the world.
When the opposing team takes on the Haka, they know deep inside that they’re dealing with more than just a group of 15 players. What you have before you is a collective culture, identity, passion and purpose that surpasses anything you’ve faced up to that point.
Many times, by the time the Haka reaches its climax, the opposing team has already lost. Because rugby, like business and so many things in life, is decided in the mind.

Collectiveness is a vital element of success. Focus on getting a good team spirit; the results will come by themselves. This activity is vital to understand, in a practical way, the essential elements for a team to achieve excellence.

More information about the experience

At the beginning of the activity, the instructors explain the basics of rhythm, and then they all learn Maori phonetics together. Later, they are divided into teams to prepare their Haka, giving it their personal touch. Once the Hakas have been rehearsed, each team puts on make-up and performs their dance. Finally, the captain of the winning team leads the global Haka with all the participants (it can also be done without dividing the group into teams).

Haka is a Maori word for one of the special types of kapa haka or group folk performance arts characteristic of New Zealand Maori culture, combining vigorously synchronized singing, movement, voice and gesture. Its main characteristic is that of being a challenge dance / song that is often used in sports confrontations. They express challenging and competitive messages, but also of hospitality and respect.

Being an activity that involves physical exercise, there are a large number of sports benefits such as helping to improve posture, coordination and rhythm. Regarding a psychological level, this type of dance can help your mental health and that of your employees, being part of a fun activity that creates a consistent group union.


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