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Graffiti Challenge

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The most artistic experience to enjoy as a team

Graffiti Challenge will put your artistic skills to the test through different graffiti painting challenges. Experiment as a team creating corporate art.


  • Encourages artistic skills
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Feeling of belonging to the company
  • Fun
  • Active relationships
  • Integration


  • Teambuilding / Gamification
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 2 hours (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

Have fun with your team and enjoy the experience

Activity that serves to unite the work team, strengthens the group union

Share and discover your most artistic side with your colleagues

An activity that will not leave anyone indifferent and will help motivate the group

Paint, create and express in pure street style

It’s an activity full of fun and creativity. It all starts with an actor dressed as a rapper who explains to all the participants what they should do with the cube-shaped structures they have.

Participants are grouped into teams, equipped with a disposable overalls and a mask, and the creation begins! On each side of the cube they will find a different challenge that they must overcome: the mirror, without hands, the mask, the dice of fortune, emojis… and many more to choose from!

An entire artistic experience to live as a team. Can you show us your most creative side?

More information about the experience

The activity begins with a presentation by an actor characterized as a rapper who will explain the activity and show the buckets that each team has to paint. The participants are divided into teams (random or already created previously), they put on a disposable overalls and a mask and the activity begins. After time is up and all 4 faces of the cube have been painted, each team’s creations are displayed and a vote is taken to choose the winning team.

All the materials needed to carry out the activity are provided by us. On the one hand we find the cube-shaped structure, it is the four-sided canvas that the participants must paint with different challenges and dynamics. We also provide vinyl letters and the customer’s logo to place in the cube and paint on them. In addition to the rest of the necessary material such as brushes and paint, graffiti sprays, masks and disposable bibs.

It’s a 100% customized activity since participants will be able to paint everything that is related to the company: corporate messages, values, product… Creativity in this experience is essential and they will be able to create true corporate works of art using different painting techniques. and graffiti.


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