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Drums Circle

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Pure musical energy as a team!

Drum Circles is a powerful team drumming activity to generate collective energy, strengthen cohesion and create a positive mood; led by expert musicians and facilitators.


  • Group cohesion
  • Sense of belonging
  • Values ​​teamwork
  • Cooperation, listening and respect
  • Trust
  • Strengthen communication


  • Teambuilding
  • Format: face-to-face
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 60' (Briefing, activity and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English

Create a strong feeling of unity, of team

In a high-performance team there is such a feeling of trust that there is no room for judgment or criticism

Active listening and respect for those around us is worked through music

Strengthens communication with the work group

An impactful experience to play and have fun co-creating as a team

We will live together a highly inspiring moment that connects people through rhythm with musical games that will help us enter into the dynamics through movement, voice and body before starting the percussion circle.

The main purpose of the circle is in the process and in discovering each other as an individual and as a member of the team. Awareness allows us to work the foundations of communication, cohesion and leadership of 360º teams.

Music connects, unleashes creativity and boosts radars where everyone will find their role from the instrument, celebrating as a team.

More information about the experience

The facilitator welcomes the group and begins the experience with musical games that help to “break the ice” and enter into the dynamics through movement, voice and body. Then, the group becomes part of the “percussion circle” where everyone will play the instruments together, working on communication, cohesion and leadership.

For the correct realization of this workshop, chairs without arms, an open room, audio equipment and a headset microphone for the facilitator, and assistant facilitators are needed. The rest of the material / instruments and musical elements are already included in the activity itself.

Drums Circle fosters group cohesion and a sense of belonging to the company. In addition, team values ​​are worked on, promoting cooperation, active listening and respect for those around us. We also managed to strengthen communication and generate more trust among group members. And all this through the metaphors between music and the company itself.


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