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The game that brings positive energy to your team!

It’s a very enjoyable and entertaining experience that takes your online meeting to a whole new level. The challenges are designed to elicit laughter and promote great team spirit.


  • Activate relationships
  • Fun
  • Improve communication
  • Unite the team
  • Competitiveness
  • Time management
  • Engagement


  • Teambuilding / Gamification
  • Format: online
  • Number of participants: 20 – 500
  • Playing time: 60' (Briefing, game and closing)
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Customization: Does not have content customization

Have a great time with your team overcoming challenges and collecting points.

The different challenges of the game test the creativity of the participants.

Generate networking among your employees with a relaxed game that will serve as a team union.

Work on communication with your team through a fun and creative game.

Fun and energetic teamwork

A game that encourages teamwork, strategic thinking and creativity. Players can choose from various challenges and pick the ones they like best or match their own team’s abilities. From photo missions, treasure hunting, drawing, playing double or nothing, watching and guessing, to playing casino!

It’s played in teams of 5-10 people who participate in an online meeting. A person from the team is in charge of executing the game’s webapp in their browser and sharing the screen with their team through the videoconference platform.

At the end of the game, the presenter shows on the screen the photos that the teams have taken and the ranking with the points.

More information about the experience

A presenter / facilitator explains the briefing to all participants and communicates the instructions. Next, the participants are divided into teams of 5-10 people, which are distributed in independent rooms / breakout rooms on the videoconference platform where the meeting takes place. From here on, a representative from each team shares their screen with the game’s webapp open in their browser, and they all play as a team for 45 minutes. Our team monitors the activity in real time and, upon completion, the results are displayed and the winning team is mentioned.

The game is designed with a very attractive technological interface with different buttons and functionalities. It has different types of tests and game dynamics, multimedia content and the possibility of taking photos throughout the game.

We can add the customer’s logo as well as their corporate color. (With extra cost). The game is completely standard and has no customization in terms of content.


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