All our prices are for activities for groups from 20 people to 1,000.
They include the design and production of the activity, the human equipment and necessary materials, as well as transportation to the place of the activity. We offer value-added services at an extra cost, such as the customization and personalization of experiences, as well as, occasionally, the search for locations or hiring audiovisual services to support our dynamics.

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Loyalty program

Are you an agency or company that organizes various dynamics or team buildings throughout the year? . We have PLAY & SAFE, our loyalty program tailored to you to access the best dynamics with our guarantee at the best prices. No more having to invest your precious time in searching, filtering, briefing and negotiating with many suppliers. We offer you a platform where you will have everything in one, with the confidence of 10 years of experience. The best dynamics at the best price with a single trusted supplier. Without a doubt. No risks. For your peace of mind.

Content supplier

We are NOT an events agency. We are a content provider. We are experts in the dynamics or creative activities that develop in them. We adapt the experience to your creative concept. We combine analog and digital elements.
Are you already clear about the space or hotel to organize your next event or meeting, the catering, the equipment of the rooms and other logistical issues... but you are missing a powerful dynamic that encourages the participation, cohesion and interaction of the participants? Or an activity that facilitates networking or enhances learning with new formats?

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Own production and partners

We design and produce most of the dynamics with our own team. We also have alliances with the best specialists and thematic partners that help us offer the highest quality with the security and guarantee of Le Monnier & Co.

Quality and discounts

We reward repeat customers with discounts and bonuses. Our high volume of agreements and contracting with partners certified by Le Monnier & Co allows us to offer adjusted prices, so that our clients can obtain significant savings.
The more you hire our dynamics, the greater the discount you can benefit from.

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Are you an Agency or Corporate?

Our value proposition combines the best offer of dynamics and activities for events at the best price. We are a production company that integrates efficient purchasing management with approved and certified partners.
If you are an agency or corporate company that organizes several dynamics, activities or team buildings each year, we can help you, optimizing the search and hiring processes with a single trusted partner. Contact us and we will create a PLAY & SAFE Loyalty Program tailored to you.

Gamification Meetings & Events

Como complemento dinamizador en eventos y reuniones desarrollamos dinámicas de gamificación presenciales, híbridas o virtuales que ayudan a aumentar el compromiso, promover la interactividad, aumentar el espíritu divertido y el sentimiento competitivo de los asistentes. Los empleados se sienten conectados y mejoran la retención de los mensajes clave en un marco de motivación y trabajo en equipo.

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Como complemento de reuniones y eventos, los colegas se sienten conectados, unidos, retienen información difícil de digerir, se mantienen motivados, positivos y mejoran su trabajo en equipo. Las características de Cluehub ayudan a aumentar el compromiso, promover la interactividad y aumentar el espíritu divertido y la competencia sana.

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